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Deliverance Ministry Personal 1-1 Exorcisms and Conferences

Vincent Bauhaus Ministries

New York Exorcism

With more than 5,000 sessions executed around the world, including those to other religious leaders, medical doctors and other prominent community leaders, Pastor Vincent’s deliverance ministry sessions are considered among the best in the world. And it is available to those in New York, from Albany to Manhattan, Buffalo to the Bronx.

Miracle Sessions

Miracle Sessions

In New York and across the world.

Spirtual Healing

The deaf will hear and the lame will walk

Pastor Vincent has been ordained by God to be an internationally acclaimed and respected exorcist, including internal healing and as a warrior in spiritual war. You are worth being right. Call 888-202-9516 now to set up a private one-to-one session with Pastor Vincent, either by Skype or FaceTime or in person. You deserve to feel the joy of life again. This is a chance for you to invest in yourself.

Deliverance Ministry In New York

Ordained minister Dr. Vincent Bauhaus is a leader in gospel crusades and healing & deliverance conferences all over the world. Pastor Vincent has had thousands of hours of one-on-one personal deliverance sessions with individuals from around the world over the last 10 years.

Innumerable Healings and Exorcisms

No matter the demon – whether physical, mental, emotional, or a combination of these – Pastor Vincent has had many successful healings. He’s been so successful in fact, that he has the endorsement of many doctors of medicine, psychiatry and psychology; some of them serve on his advisory board.

Online Deliverance Through Skype

People from around the world have requested Pastor Vincent for a one-on-one session either in person or by Skype or FaceTime. Believe us, you have nothing to be ashamed of with your problem. You are not alone, and Pastor Vincent is sensitive to your emotions yet ensure that you are healed and get back to being yourself again.

Exorcism & Healing conferences

Bring an unsaved loved-one and watch the Lord move in your life!

Our Conferences

Join us at one of our conferences, we welcome everyone.

Pastor Vincent, based in Los Angeles, travels regularly all over America and provides monthly healing & deliverance conferences in New York state. You can check his Events Calendar to see when the next exorcism and healing conference will be near you, and make sure to register now as seats will fill quickly.

Upcoming Events

Find out about upcoming events and learn about the many ways you can view Pastor Vincent’s daily devotionals.


Testimonies of deliverance ministry, healing, restoration, and miracles.

View Some Of Our Testimonies

In Luke 4:18, Jesus said, “Preach the Gospel, heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free”; and he stated in Mark 16:17, ‘…in my name shall they cast out devils….’

Pastor Vincent is only following Jesus’ commands for those who believe in Him.

Your freedom is your right, and you should not struggle with a problem any longer. Jesus Christ promised you freedom from the cross, and it is yours to claim. The Lord is always working within all of us, and always desires your freedom from all evil and disease. Pastor Vincent can help you claim it once and for all.

Want to experience these things in your life? During a deliverance ministry, Pastor Vincent is led powerfully by the Holy Ghost to provide astute spiritual insights that will perfectly address your specific case. A full 10 years of experience in deliverance ministry has cemented Pastor Vincent’s success in serving God through Christ’s name. Call Pastor Vincent at 888-202-9516 or e-mail at

Testimony: Eziefa from Lagos Nigeria

Testimony: Juliette from Japan

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